Enthronement Sermon by Bishop Michael Maxwell - Barbados


YOU SHALL PRAY for Christ's Holy Catholic Church, that is, for the whole congregation of Christian people dispersed throughout the whole world, and especially for the Church in the Province of the West Indies.
You shall pray for Her Majesty the Queen, the head of the Commonwealth of nations.
You shall pray for the Ministers of God's Holy Word and Sacraments, as well as Archbishops, amongst whom especially as in duty bound, for all Bishops, and other Pastors and Curates.

Intentional Discipleship Bible Study 2019

The Diocese of Jamaica & The Cayman Islands will again be publishing a Bible Study booklet this Lent 2019 under the theme of Intentional Discipleship. This is in fulfillment of the mission and purpose of the diocese to promote and encourage members to bring others to Christ.